Do you own a business that generates large amount of digital data?

You are sitting on a gold mine.

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Data from all customer interactions at a single place
  • Provides Data Connectors for various industry standard Data-Sources
  • Consolidates data coming from various touch points with customers
  • Cloud storage to ensure maximum availability and reliability
  • Improve Customer Relationships with more Inter-linking data coming from all touch-points
  • Integrity checks performed on incoming data


Customized Dashboard with all Key Statistics for your business
  • Cloud Hosted solution
  • Customized Dashboards for each organization per Business priorities
  • Ability to create multiple Roles and Users to view Customized Dashboards
  • Detailed reporting leading from all Dashboard Data Points
  • Linked to iAUX-TouchPoint™ storage
  • Public view aimed at Digital Marketing


Receive instant notifications when there is a crisis
  • Alerts and notifications for Business-sensitive Data Points
  • Near Real-time analysis of Incoming data
  • Monitoring Key Data Points
  • Easy Configuration of Users and Contact Details


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  • iAuxilium helps you organize your data, and making sense of it.
  • Use iAuxilium Data Analytics products to save money and grow your business.

We understand that information, insights and foresights impact every aspect of business. Analytics can help you predict customer behavior, meet their needs and cement long-term customer relationships.

Our approach to Business Analytics is three-pronged. We help you:

  • Draw insights from past data
  • Respond in real-time to current business needs
  • Use Predictive Analytics to stay ahead of the curve

All our products are designed to leverage our deep industry expertise and experience in handling complex analytics engagements to provide easier access to your own data.

CarrusTrucks deals with over 100 number of customers on a monthly basis. Most of these interactions happen via call-centers, website, mobile application and personal meetings. iAuxilium helped CarrusTrucks collect data from all four sources by using iAUX-TouchPoint™.

iAUX-TouchPoint™ Database Access Interfaces were used to collect data from various sources such as Enterprise databases of call-center, Text & CSV files, and MS-Excel sheets. This data was then processed, analyzed and presented using iAUX-Dashboard™. CarrusTrucks defined different user groups such as Operations, Accounting, Senior Management, Customer Relationship Managers etc. Each of these groups were presented with most customized and relevant information via iAUX-Dashboard™ and were set to receive instant alerts and notifications using iAUX-Live™.

"We didn't know that we were accumulating so much digital data. With iAuxilium's help we now know our customers much better and able to serve them pro-actively and much faster.
By using iAuxilium products, the number of complaints from customers have dropped by 65% and repeat business from existing customers has gone up by 27%, says enough about their products."

- Mohnish Rathi, Co-Founder - CarrusTrucks.

iAuxilium follows latest Data Security methods derived from industry standards such as PCI DSS version 3.0, ISO 27000 etc.
We apply multi-layered security measures to prevent un-authorized access to your business data.

As part of data security, following are some of the measures that we follow:

  • Well maintained firewall configuration to protect data
  • Two factor authentication for all administrators
  • Strong data encryption
  • Secured transmission of data across open, public networks
  • A well-defined vulnerability management program
  • Restricted access to the data by business need-to-know
  • Restricted physical access to sensitive data
  • Constant monitoring of servers, databases and networks

iAux Online Sales CRM

Master Data Management

Helps you collect, aggregate, consolidate and standardize your data to provide a common point of reference.

New Leads / Enquiries

Create your new sales lead(s) when they show interest in your products and/or services along with their contact information.


Convert your new leads into materialized orders, and calculate your business revenue as and when order transactions are done instantaneously.

Sales Target Variance

Sales targets are apportioned among different sales units such as salespersons, franchisees, distributors, agents, etc.

Follow-up Requests

Sales Executives or business users can set-up their follow-up requests or Activities as actionable items.


A business intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key.




  • Link upto 3 data sources
  • Storage upto 2 GB
  • Remote access to Relational Database for 2 users
  • Facility to download consolidated data
  • Tech support over E-mail / Call
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    Includes iAux-TouchPoint
  • Get upto 10 unique users
  • Get upto 3 user groups
  • Get upto 2 customized executive dashboards
  • Get upto 6 Links to detailed reports
  • Tech support over E-mail / Call
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    Includes iAux-TouchPoint
  • Includes iAux-Dashboard
  • Get upto 20 email addresses
  • Get upto 500 SMS alerts per month
  • Unlimited E-mail notifications
  • Tech support over E-mail / Call
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